Invisible Flash Button

Date: 8.2.2007, 23:30    Total views: 86818

I am going to show you how to create the Invisible Button in flash 8 on a simple way.

Step 1

Open a new Flash document. Select Modify  Document (shortcut key Ctrl+J ). Set the width of your document to 150 pixels and the height to 80 pixels. Select white as background color and click ok.

Step 2

Select the Text tool (T).In the Property Panel below the stage,choose Static Text. Choose any font and color you like and type "Invisible Button"on the stage. See the picture below.

Step 3

Double click on layer 1 to rename its name in text. After that, create a new layer and name it Invisible Button.

Step 4

Select the Invisible Button layer, take the Rectangle Tool (R) ( You will draw a rectangle without the outline colors), so click on Stroke color and choose No color(by clicking on the little paint bucket icon and then on the small square with the red diagonal ). For Fill color choose ##00FFFF and draw a "rectangle" over the text ("Invisible Button").

Step 5

While the "Invisible Button" is still selected, press F8 key (or select Modify > Convert to Symbol ) to convert it into a Button. See the picture below.

Step 6

Double-click on the button on stage with the Selection tool (V).You should now be inside the movie clip.

Step 7

Move the keyframe from the Up state to the Hit state. See the picture below.

Step 8

Go back on the main scene (Scene 1). Now you have the Invisible Button.If you now, test your Movie (Ctrl+Enter), you won't see the "Invisible Button!

Step 9

If you want to link it, select it, open the Action Script Panel (F9), and paste this script:

on (release){
getURL("", "blank");

That's it!


Downlaod source file (.fla)

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