Special FX flash tutorials

Modern Picture appereance by color mixer
Date: 6.7.2007, 17:3

This tutorial will show you how to create simple and in the same time very attractive and useful picture appereance using the Color Mixer Panel and gradient.

Blur picture effect with zoom
Date: 18.5.2007, 21:44

In this lesson I will show you how to apply blur effect on picture using the flash filters.

Dynamic image appearance
Date: 23.4.2007, 17:27

In this detailed lesson you have a chance to learn how to create dynamic image appearance in flash 8 with no action script.

3D city effect
Date: 13.4.2007, 20:49

In this easy flash 8 lesson, I will show you how to make a cool 3d city effect with no Action Script.

Cool image effect
Date: 29.3.2007, 1:14

This, step by step, detailed flash tutorial will show you how to create cool image effect using some special flash tips and tricks.

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